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Working to reduce inequalities for diverse groups within Tees Valley through community engagement, education, skills and employability programmes.

Our aim is to ensure Tees Valley is a region which works for everyone, regardless of race, ethnicity and culture. Through our provision we aim to create a fair chance to make the most of their talent and help them achieve their aspirations. In addition, there is skills shortage and emerging sectors which can benefit from a diverse background-we provide the conduit between employers and individuals to meet the needs of a more resilient labour market with sustainable and diverse solutions.

Addressing skills challenges is our priority, we have developed specific learning and training programmes to meet the gaps for black and minoritised groups. Our accredited training programmes and wide-range of projects, including, project management, design and delivery of equality, diversity and inclusion projects help improve accessibility for employers, employees and BME communities.

Our programmes will also help improve the opportunities available for BME young people with specialist, positive action Apprenticeship programmes and routeways. Supporting local employers to meet their corporate, social responsibilities and help achieve a more diverse workforce.

The Diverse Works Hub is also developing an Academy based on an award-winning positive action training programme. We will work with employers to reduce the barriers for BME communities in recruitment, selection and progression with our tried and tested employability programme offering mentoring and sector specific training to employees. The trainee programme also helps eliminate barriers within the recruitment process and can help develop and influence policy change.

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